Moving high chair 900 (White)

Baby high chair design for letting your little one sit at the family table during meal times ,can help encourage your baby develop their table manners and social skills from the get go. Baby chair same height with adult dining table and big space seat let children comfort sit at chair

*** when baby can sit properly without fall down just can train himself sit with baby chair ,

advise start using baby chair after baby 6 months

1. Chair with foldable design and small size , easy storage

2. Chair height adjustable with using drain at chair leg , each step adjust 5 cm 

3. Height of chair can adjust from 63 cm to 83 cm 

4. Full chair chair made by solid rubber wood 

5. Chair with wooden chair seat and big space 

6. Lockable safety belt provided for prevent child fall down from chair 

7. In front chair provided a tray for feeding purpose , tray can't put behind of chair

8. Chair have set up by manufacturer