Knock Down baby chair 4980 (Cherry)

By sitting in baby chair , can help encourage your baby develop their table manners and social skills from the get go. Baby chair same height with adult dining table and big space seat let children comfort sit at chair , this kind chair with knock down design , DIY concept for fulfill parent discovery the joy at assembly process

*** when baby can sit properly without fall down just can train himself sit with baby chair ,

advise start using baby chair after baby 6 month

1. Chair height adjustable with using drain at chair leg

2. Height of chair can adjust , have 4 adjustable height can be move

3. Full chair chair made by solid rubber wood and in front tray by bend wood

4. Chair seat & leg support wood made by solid wood and can support more heavy child

5. Lockable safety belt for prevent child fall down from chair 

6. Baby chair with long use time because can adjust the space follow children growing status

7. In front table for feeding purpose when grown up , can take out table and use as dining chair

8. Chair with knock down design , parent need assembly baby chair with follow assembly instruction given